Bath/Wiltshire, England

Day 3: We woke up early to head downtown and take a coach bus three hours west to Bath. Luckily I slept the first two hours but I was pretty nauseous the last hour (motion sickness probs..) It kind of sucks not being able to look out the windows as you travel from place to place, but I did get a few glimpses of the beautiful English countryside I had been picturing in my head for so long. 

Alex and I arrived in Bath around 3pm and walked through the town to get to our hostel and we were in awe of how cute this little place was! Narrow little pedestrian roads lined with shops and restaurants of all kinds, it was absolutely adorable. We finally found our hostel which was surprisingly located above a bar/restaurant (where reception was located and where we got deals on food and drinks!).
This hostel was better and worse in a few ways. It was only 6 beds, and we were first to arrive, but they we were really crappy bunk beds. The trunks to lock your stuff in were either not big enough or didn’t have working locks. This one actually had windows! But we were farther from the bathroom… The list goes on, but hey backpacking isn’t supposed to be glamorous right? This hostel was much better in one awesome way though: our roommates! Later two Argentinian girls and two Australian girls showed up and we talked to them for a while. The Argentinian girls played guitar and sang Spanish and English songs for us, it was so fun!
Alex and I ate at a tapas restaurant by recommendation of one of the bar/hostel workers and it was so tiny, with only about 5 tables but it was delicious. We seem to keep finding places that are two-man operations: one server and one cook! But I love the charm of that. Afterwards we wanted to just walk around and look at the city, but everything was closing so early! Most shops closed at 6pm, we couldn’t believe it. We spent about an hour in Lush being pampered by a bored Irish employee who just wanted to show us every product and chat.. he was too cute.

Since most things were closed and we had a busy day ahead, we headed back to bar attached to our hostel and had some food and drinks before calling it a night!
Side note: I have somehow injured my foot. Shit. That’s not good when I have twenty-some days of walking ahead of me. I have no idea how it happened, I didn’t trip or twist it or anything? Here’s hoping it feels better soon…

Day 4: We got up pretty early to get ready and then took a bus tour to Wiltshire (an hour away) to see Stonehenge!! It’s a pretty expensive trip and all you really do is go look at rocks, but Stonehenge is so mysterious and interesting that I think it’s definitely a must-see at least once in your life. I thought it was awesome, although Alex and I truly just stood there baffled by how long it took, how hard it must’ve been to build, and most of all WHY? I’m glad we went, it’s definitely a cool part of history to see.

  After the four hour trip, we were starving when we arrived back in Bath and had pizza and ice cream for lunch… typical Americans! Haha. It was so good though and we swore we could’ve kept eating.. we’re always just a liiiittle bit hungry because our meals are usually smaller and less frequent.
Then we headed to the Roman Baths! Another incredible piece of history. That is one of the things I’m loving most about England… It’s so OLD. It’s crazy when I realize how young America is in comparison, and we just don’t have history like they do here. The Baths were so cool, Alex and I didn’t realize it was made on hot springs that are still bubbling up to this day! To think how smart and advanced these people were at their time to create something like that.
After the Baths we headed back to our hostel to just relax – something that hasn’t happened much as we’re usually go, go, go. But the relaxation quickly ended and turned to stress as we tried to book a ticket out the next morning (not the brightest idea to wait till the last minute, hindsight’s 20/20..) to Leeds, about 3 hours north. After discovering a train would cost us $170 EACH (yes, that’s in USD), we had a bit of a freakout and ended up having to settle for a much cheaper bus ride — at the cost of it being an 8 hour ride. Again, me and my motion sickness.. I was super worried about how miserable I would end up being on this, but we had no choice. We didn’t want to a waste an entire day on a bus so we booked the earliest ticket possible – 4:30am.
Knowing we had to get up at 3:45, we bought groceries for the next day and went straight to bed…
But hey, everyone said the unpredictable things would be the most memorable to look back on.

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