Edinburgh, Scotland

Day 9: We woke up to an absolutely beautiful morning in the Lake District… Mother Nature just trying to rub it in, perhaps? After having coffee & breakfast with the beautiful view we had hoped to see the day before, we packed up and said a bitter goodbye to Windermere.  

With 20 & 30 lb backpacks, we trekked 3.5 miles to the train station – without a map! Pretty proud that we actually used our memory and sense of direction and made it. Of course, we arrived all hot & sweaty because it was actually a nice day out and we were loaded down in layers and backpacks. Never prepared. 

They told us “only a bloody fool would go to Scotland!” But Edinburgh instantly wowed Alex and I and was deemed our favorite city. We arrived at our very first AirBnB, which was actually a flat with 3 rooms that the owner all rented out – she didn’t even live there! So it was us and a few other guests and it was actually pretty nice to not have her around (but she was super nice!) because it like our “own place.” 

Notes and instructions written in marker all over!


It was late in the evening and I had one place on my mind that we HAD to go to – Malone’s Irish Pub! (I’m sure the reason why is obvious) We made it there and had dinner and sat at the bar for hours, befriending a super cute bartender from London who gave us 5 free drinks. FIVE. Plus the two we paid for. I’m sure you can guess how that ended up. It amazed me that he was so nice & generous, when they don’t work for tips. He was actually just trying to show us a good time. “VIP treatment because you’re on holiday,” as he put it.

Seven drinks deep (help) we called it at night (it was like 10pm) and managed to make our way back to the flat.

Day 10: The next morning was a bit rough as Alex was hungover and we were both starving. Once we got ready and got into the city centre we ran into the first place we saw – Pizza Express. Good ol Pizza Express, so far they have not let us down! (Seriously. Bomb pizza.)
After refueling and feeling human again, we did a 2.5 hr walking tour through Old Town Edinburgh with the worlds most eccentric and flamboyant tour guide. But really, he was great. 
We saw St. Giles Cathedral, The Royal Mile, Greyfriars Cemetery, Covenanters Prison, Grassmarket St (where beheadings used to take place), and so much more. 


But my absolute favorite was the Edinburgh Castle. Hoooooly cow, it sits up way on a hill overlooking the town and I could not believe how incredible it was. It was around $25 to go inside though, so we admired from the outside 😉

After the tour we went to a pub and just had to get a traditional meal – bangers & mash and Yorkshire pudding. So filling and so so good. We also checked out their huge Primark and wow, it took everything in us to not buy the whole damn store. I’m the girl who hates shopping and I could’ve spent hours in there. Think of a better and even cheaper Target and that’s Primark. WHAT?! Better and cheaper than Target?! YES. Its true! They need to come to the states fast..
We were beat from a long day out so we just relaxed for the night.. and wished we had more time in this amazing city!! 

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