St. Andrews, Scotland

Day 11: We had one last thing to do before leaving Edinburgh – the Royal Botanic Gardens! With our bags packed, we walked through the gardens and had lunch at a cafe inside. We had a nice relaxing morning and then planned to go straight to the train station to head to St. Andrews. But if this trip has a theme, it’s that things don’t go as planned….

Train leaves at 12pm. Approx. distance to station: 1.5 miles.

11:35, arrive at bus stop. Missed bus by 2 minutes. Next one isn’t until 11:45.

11:35-11:47, two girls and four backpacks running (or trying to) through town. No way we’ll make it.

11:47-11:49, standing on side of road, frantically trying to hail a taxi.

11:50, got a taxi! Told him to SPEED.

11:55, finally get to train station. Still frantic, print our tickets and run to platform.

11:58, went to wrong platform. Fuck. Running up and down stairs, pushing poor innocent patrons out of the way.

11:59, run onto train (sweating) with literally only a minute to spare.

If I could choose a place to stay longer (or visit again), it would be St. Andrews. I really wish we had more than one night. Another small town like Bath, everything was so quaint and easily walkable. We checked in to our (last!) hostel and immediately walked down to the sea. Alex and I were just in awe of the beautiful scenery and the ancient castle ruins overlooking it. We also went to see the cathedral and some of the university.

    St. Andrews is the birthplace of golf which is awesome and one of the things that drew us to the city, however we never saw the golf courses or the museum — but I obviously got my dad a great souvenir! 😉  

This trip is a constant struggle for food. We literally plan our days around eating. We had a couple drinks at a pub in the afternoon while we waited for a Thai restaurant to reopen (siesta?). We were so excited to eat our £9 meal until we got back to the hostel with it and realized it was the worlds tiniest portion and didn’t even come with rice?! Blasphemy! I was so mad that I spent $15 on such a disappointing meal. So we said that later we’d go back to the pub and split an appetizer. Once we went back and found a table in the busy place, a worker told us the kitchen was closed. UGH. What are 2 hungry girls to do?! We ventured out again and ended up eating at an amazing Italian restaurant!

More pizza!!!

We were so excited when we thought we had the whole hostel room to ourselves, but later at night two middle-aged German women showed up? Definitely used to only seeing young people in hostels. But we had our obligatory polite small talk and all went to bed.


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