Glasgow, Scotland

Day 12: The morning view in St. Andrews was even more beautiful than the day before. Alex and I had breakfast at the cafe where Kate & Will met!! Then we sat on a cliff down by the sea for hours soaking in the SUN and breathtaking view.

…then we almost missed our bus…. Yep, again. We knew we had to take a local bus from St. Andrews to Dundee where our coach bus departed from. But somehow neither of us had the forethought to look up how far this coach station was??! Nope, we just hopped on a bus and headed toward Dundee around 1:25, to catch a coach that left at 1:55. We began panicking mid-bus ride as we realized we could be an hour away and not even know it! Thank god we lucked out AGAIN and made it to our coach bus at 1:53…. we really gotta stop doin this.   

We barely made it to Glasgow and honestly, that probably would’ve been okay. It rained. A lot. It was the coldest city yet. There wasn’t much cool stuff to see, besides a cathedral that we looked at from the outside (in the rain) for about 5 seconds before ducking into a brewery. Sound familiar? Apparently church makes us wanna drink.

Tennents Brewery is here!


The host of our AirBnB (who was actually from Poland) and his girlfriend and friend met us for drinks which was super nice and we loved that he actually wanted to talk to and get to know us! He was the brightest part of the whole city – thanks Tomasz! 

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