Dublin, Ireland

Day 13: After breakfast (and ice cream.. help. We’re developing a bad habit..) we headed to the Glasgow Airport to catch our flight to Dublin! And this time we arrived with PLENTY of time.. no more frantically running at the last minute.

Made a new friend at the airport

A literal puddle jumper

We arrived in Dublin in the evening with no more cell service! The plan we bought only covered in the UK and we decided to see if we could really test our skills and navigate Ireland for a week with no phones! We took a bus from the airport towards the city and per our airbnb hosts directions tried to make it to her flat.

After a few wrong turns we finally found it… down an alley. And to our surprise, this airbnb was more like an under-the-table hostel. The woman didn’t even live there and there were 4 other bedrooms with other guests.. definitely not what we were expecting. It was late and we were starving and there were a bunch of Chinese restaurants nearby, so just before sunset we headed out for a late dinner. That alley and the neighborhood were quite sketchy at this time of night… so when we walked (ran) back in the dark (with only Alex’s pointy comb and a stolen fork for defense) we were a bit paranoid! It’s quite laughable now but we were far from amused at the time.

Day 14: We got up early and were able to guide ourselves to a delicious brunch spot called Third Space. So far, so good being phone-less!

Full Irish breakfast — minus black pudding!


We were just a short walk from the city centre so we wandered around checking it out ourselves. This was the first major city where didn’t have a guide, which might’ve been nice but we still got to see some cool sights – just without being told all of the history. We saw the Jameson Distillery, Dublin Castle, the famous Temple Bar, O’Connell St, Dublin Spire, Ha’penny Bridge, Christ Church Cathedral and one of the silliest and cutest things.. the National Leprechaun Museum!!



I was turned into a leprechaun!


Ireland’s weather is unpredictable but wow, Dublin was crazy. It rained every 5 minutes.. sunshine, downpour, repeat. We were constantly ducking under awnings or hiding in souvenir shops to wait for it to pass!

Where’s the pot of gold?!


After a traditional dinner – shepherds pie! And some fresh GUINNESS & live Irish music at Temple Bar, we headed home early because we did not want another sketchy walk in the dark…  


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