Ennis, Ireland (Cliffs of Moher)

Day 16: Before leaving Galway, we walked down to Salthill Beach and it was actually pretty warm!  It was so pretty with all the rocks on the shore. 

We took a train to Ennis and had some coffee (and wifi) at a cafe — where their coffee was voted best in Ireland! Then we walked to a grocery store and bought some food for the next few days because we were both so sick of eating out! I’m definitely excited to cook for myself again once I get home. Our airbnb host was so nice that he offered to pick us up in town after work since his house was a little far out of town.

Waiting for a ride with plenty of luggage 🙂

Our host, Keith, was super nice and some of his friends came over and we all hung out and had a few beers! I think that’s the coolest part about airbnb because both sides are getting to know new people from all over the world.

Day 17:
We woke up early and Keith’s girlfriend offered to drive us to our bus for the Cliffs of Moher! Having rides was unbelievably convenient and made me miss my car even more!! We got to the cliffs and Alex and I immediately began walking along, with the gopro stick handy of course! This was one of the things I was most excited about on the whole trip… All of the pictures I had seen online were incredible and it was even more spectacular in person.

     Unfortunately, it was only spectacular for about 30 mins until a huge fog came rolling in and it was so misty that before we even realized it, we were soaking wet! Us and a hundred other people hid out in the visitors centre, hoping it would pass. Even more unfortunately, it never did, and our bus to leave wasn’t for another 5 hours. But we had packed a lunch so we sat and used some wifi and just …waited. But we both agreed we wouldn’t be bitter about it, like the Lake District, because it was a fun day and we did get some beautiful views!

Cliffs essentials. Sunglasses not needed..


Drenched, yet again.


I spy…



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