Limerick, Ireland 

Day 18: After breakfast and packing our bags, Alex and I set out on a mile walk to the bus stop. Right as we walked out of the front door, a neighbor and his young daughter were walking their dog. He saw our backpacks and started asking us about our trip. We told him we were headed to Limerick. He said he was going there for work in about 10 minutes! But we already bought our bus tickets so he said he would at least give us a ride to the bus stop. I could not believe it, we walked up to his house and an older couple, his parents, were waiting in the driveway and all he said was, “Mom, would you mind bringing these girls to their bus?” and with no hesitation they immediately agreed. It was such a simple thing (and perfect timing) but their generosity meant so much to Alex and I!!


Yay for homecooked food!

Limerick was our best airbnb experience yet. The house was a 5 min walk from the bus station, a park, and the city centre. The couple living there was so nice and Alex and I immediately fell in love with their dog, Pippa!! 

We had lunch at an Asian restaurant called Aroi, per our hosts recommendation and oh. my. god. It was one of the best meals I’ve had this whole trip! They even give you a free scoop of homemade gelato after, and what’s not to love about that?! After that we bought a few groceries and then went home and watched a movie, made dinner and took Pippa for a walk!


Day 19:
We were told there wasn’t much to do in Limerick, and that we could probably see it all I’m about two hours, so we took our time and started the day a bit late before going to see King John’s Castle, St. Mary’s Cathedral, and the Hunt Museum. It was pretty cool, but admittedly nothing special.  

         But today was a big day in Ireland!! The marriage referendum passed! It was so exciting to actually be there when they became the first country to legalize marriage equality by popular vote. Obviously, we had some beer to celebrate and in honor of our last day in Ireland. I’m gonna miss the fresh Guinness!


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