London, England – round 2!

Day 20: We flew from Shannon back to London for the final chapter of our trip! I must admit, all of the constant moving around and trying to figure out how to get from place to place and everything was getting really exhausting, and I was pretty ready to go home. But the second we arrived in London I felt so excited all over again. London is an amazing city that I’ve always dreamed of going to and it exceeded all of my expectations. It was also great because this time, we knew exactly what to do and where to go!


There were a few things we didn’t get to see in the beginning, so we headed into town to check out St. Paul’s Cathedral, Tower of London and what we were most excited for.. The Tower Bridge!! I don’t know what it is about this bridge, but it was beautiful and we took about 50 photos of it. We even got to see if open for a ship to pass through! 

We stayed at the same hostel as before, but I messed up our reservation (i.e. I didn’t make one..oops) so Alex and I ended up in a mixed dorm (aka with all boys), but it wasn’t so bad for one night.

Day 21:
The last day of our trip! And London was so kind as to give us some SUN! For the first time, we got to wear dresses and sandals! A perfect ending.

Before coming, at least 3 people told me I HAD to go to the Camden Market – and I’m glad I took that recommendation! We looked at all the shops and tried a bunch of different delicious street food!


With the beautiful weather, we wanted to see some of sights downtown again (because last time we saw them there was sideways rain..) so we went back and saw Big Ben, the Eye and Westminster Abbey.

The final stop of the trip: a walk across Abbey Road. It ended up being really close to our hostel which was perfect! We got there and saw a crowd of people, all trying to take their Beatles-inspired photo without getting hit by a car or angering too many drivers. We did anger a lot of drivers though, because you MUST stop for pedestrians at a zebra crossing. Traffic was impeded many times as we took photos for strangers and they took some for us so everyone could get their silly Abbey Road reenactment.

After collecting our bags (ugh. I cannot wait to not have to carry that damn thing anymore), we took the tube allllll the way to our hotel by the airport. It was a long ride and it was so packed that Alex and I had to stand with our backpacks the whole time! But it went by pretty quickly as we got to talking to a woman from London who was a flight attendant and her parents, they were so sweet that the mom gave me a postcard when I told her about my collection! We got off the tube and walked 1.2 miles… to the wrong hotel. We were so frustrated and hot and our backs hurt but we had to walk yet another mile to the right hotel. But we were so thankful that Alex’s dad got us a hotel for the night because our flights leave very early tomorrow morning and it is saving us a huge hassle! So naturally, we gave ourselves a much needed and deserved pampering of fuzzy robes, Netflix, and room service dessert.

Farewell London, and farewell to the most adventuresome, crazy, exhausting, hilarious 3 weeks of my life! Where to next…..!? 


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