Moving Across the Country!

This post is quite belated, but I wanted to document my post-grad cross-country move from Michigan to Arizona!

After graduation and my lease in Michigan ending at the end of the summer, I felt I had 3 options.

  1. Find a new place in Ann Arbor.
    • Pros: city I love, lots of friends, working two jobs I loved.
    • Cons: a lot of friends leaving, feeling sadness of living in my college town but no longer being a student.
  2. Move back in with my parents in Grand Rapids.
    • Pros: save money, be close to family.
    • Cons: literally everything else.
  3. Go somewhere new.

I chose what was probably the least practical option – go somewhere new. That “somewhere” just so happened to be 2,000 miles across the country in Arizona. Thankfully, the emotional (and some financial) support of my incredible parents made it an even easier decision.

Announcing such a big move brought the obvious questions from friends and family, “Are you moving for a job? For school?” and I usually just answered – “For fun.” Did I have a big corporate job requiring me to move so far? No, but I’d find a job somewhere anyway. Was I enrolled in a Masters program? No, but that’s not to say I wouldn’t at some point. I wanted to move for fun, for me, to get out of the midwest where I had lived 22 years because what better time than now. When my mom was young she moved to Florida for a year, and my dad to California for a year, which kind of inspired me to get out – even if it only ends up being for a short time.

So! If you’re still with me, onto the fun part. The road trip. 4 days, me, my parents, my Honda Civic, and I-40. I’ve been to quite a few places in the US, but this trip brought me to some uncharted cities and states that – even if only for a night – were a great experience! (Don’t worry, this part will be less words and mostly pictures :))

First stop: St. Louis, MO

The gateway to the west! Our stop here was obviously quite short, but of course we saw the fantastic Gateway Arch. Other notable activities: eating what was quite possibly the worlds largest nachos in our hotel restaurant.

Second stop: Oklahoma City, OK

Exploring Bricktown was our main activity here! A super cute part of downtown, we enjoyed the Bricktown Brewery and the banjo museum.


Third stop: Amarillo, TX

While we weren’t planning to spend a night here, I still insisted that we at least make a stop at the famous roadside Cadillac Ranch. I came prepared with yellow spray paint for my first stint at graffiti.

Wherever you go, GO BLUE!

Fourth stop: Albuquerque, NM

Arguably the most fun stop. We had delicious New Mexican-style Mexican food in Old Town, saw the house and car wash where they filmed Breaking Bad and the best part – took a tram 10,378ft up the Sandia Mountains for a spectacular view.

Walter White’s house! Actual owners pictured!


..and finally, Arizona. Home sweet home 🙂

Here’s the GoPro video to check out the road trip in action!


One thought on “Moving Across the Country!

  1. What an amazing adventure dad and I had with you! Wouldn’t have missed it for the world!! Live, love and explore bany girl, but most importantly……BE HAPPY!!
    Love you bunches…. Mom ❣

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