Grand Canyon

There’s no doubt that Arizona is for mountain lovers. I have yet to (and probably never will) tire of driving around my neighborhood and seeing endless rows of incredible peaks in the distance. Of course, living in Arizona means easy access to one of the most incredible landforms nature has to offer – The Grand Canyon. This Natural Wonder of the World has been a bucket list item forever and I finally got to see some of it’s beauty while my parents were visiting AZ in March!

When the SkyWalk opened in 2007, I immediately wrote walking on it on my bucket list. (Yes, I have an actual physical list!) But I’ve slightly altered that entry to just standing on the edge anywhere at the Grand Canyon after finding out the SkyWalk’s $80 price tag. And I must say, no regrets. The view is breathtaking regardless.

We drove the 4 hours from Phoenix up to the Grand Canyon with a forecast that called for rain. Fingers crossed the whole time that we wouldn’t get soaked and the view wouldn’t be ruined. And we lucked out! We had some beautiful blue skies and of course the inevitable crazy winds. (Dress warm!!!)

Once you pay the entrance fee and enter the National Park, The South Rim has multiple hotels that are located right on the edge of the canyon in the Grand Canyon Village. I loved how you could step outside your door and instantly be looking right into it.

We walked a few miles, stopping at some beautiful lookouts like Maricopa Point, Hopi Point and Mohave Point. After walking quite a ways, we did some hop-on hop-off with the shuttle service to see The Abyss, Pima Point and all the way to Hermit’s Rest where you then can take a shuttle all the way back to the village. The shuttle service was a great alternative to having to walk the entire ~8 mile one-way route. Walking part of it is definitely worth it though, because we saw so many beautiful views and other lookouts on the way from point to point!

 And at the end of our day wandering around the canyon, we went back to our hotel room for the night to rest up before heading on out the next day. We dodged rain all day but in the evening something worse happened – SNOW! I haven’t seen snow since winter in Michigan ended around this time last year… and yet it finds me in Arizona of all places! Too bad I had thrown away the ice scraper from my car, oops!


One thought on “Grand Canyon

  1. What a wonderful, memorable, amazing trip we shared with you, baby girl! Can’t wait for our next adventure! 🙋🏻😘💞

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